gdi-consulting‘s 2013 panel: female managers in Austria on career ambitions - obstacles - quota
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May-6-2013: Keynote on integrating Diversity into Business Process Management in an Austrian Banking Group by tailored Diversity Trainings for the distribution and sales staff

Susanne Schwanzer

As a part of the 3rd Viennese week of Integration the Viennese Chamber of Economy invited to its “Diversity day” on 6th of may 2013.

Gabriele Strodl-Sollak opened the Best-Practice-Session, presenting a case study from Erste Bank Austria, which illustrated how Erste Bank put into practice the diversity management within its corporate business processes. gdi-consultant Gabriele Strodl-Sollak consulted and supported them – one main result: tailored diversity trainings for Erste Bank’s distribution and sales staff which Strodl-Sollak developped and conducted in 2012.

Gabriele Strodl-Sollak illustriert die konsequente Umsetzung des Diversity Managements aus ihrer Trainings- und Beratungspraxis. Foto: Weinkirn

Gabriele Strodl-Sollak presenting her case study from Erste Bank Group, where she co-developped and facilitated the implementation of diversity management in distribution and sales processes.
Foto: Weinkirn

Four more interesting examples of best practice came from Dagmar Gaugl (IBM Austria), Katharina Mallich-Pölz (MedUni Wien), Franz Altenhofer (career moves) und Gerald Schweidler (comfort4all).