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Gender Toolkit for Computer Sciences, 2011

Susanne Schwanzer

The booklet presents didactic approaches a n d  specific settings for lectures. E.g. programming lessons who do not only apply for those who are used to learn by trial-and-error and to teach themselves. But also for students without existing knowledge in programing and different needs.
The booklet contains material for single lessons on the history of women in engineering as well as lessons on their marginalization until today. And many tipps and examples e.g. for problem based learning in computer sciences.
The gender toolkit combines the results from the GEMIS-project, coordinated by gdi-consultant Susanne Schwanzer and the heads and lectors of 4 computer science studies at the tech college of Vienna.

Im Bild: Mit dem Gender Toolkit in der Hand die Projektleiterin, die Studiengangsleiter und LektorInnen sowie die GFin der FH Technikum Wien mit Susanne Schwanzer

Holding the gender toolkit in her hand: Ulrike Neubauer, GEMIS-project leader from tech college Vienna, the deans & lectors of the studies involved, vice-director Angelika Ott (1st f.t.r.) and gdi-consultant Susanne Schwanzer (3re f.t.r.), who wrote and implemented the gender toolkit in 4 computer science departments at the Tech College of Vienna.

If you wish to learn more about gender sensitive, diversity oriented didactic approaches in IT and engineering studies or if you wish to implement new curricula or didactic concepts at your university, college or school – please contact the author by phone or Email: 0043-699-195 85 944 oder

Susanne Schwanzer is also an experienced expert in how-to attract more women and under-represented groups to take apprendiceships, trainee programs and decide for careers in tech sciences, engineering and IT.