gdi-consulting‘s 2013 panel: female managers in Austria on career ambitions - obstacles - quota
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In times of less economic growth, the leverages best accessable, to raise performance and productivity, are your executives & employées . Based on numerous studies we know, that mixed boards & mixed teams gain better results. So let's create them!

Expertise & Experience

f.l.t.r. Gabriele Strodl-Sollak, Susanne Schwanzer and Gerhild Deutinger – have long been successfully on the market as Organizational Developpers & Coaches, in HR, Strategy- and Change Management. Since fall 2013 they have been bundling their competences: „By the strategies of gender and diversity management, inclusion, intercultural competences, corporate communications and strategic positioning we will create the structural and organizational framework – which enables the best individuals to contribute to your company‘s success.“

Services & Fulfillment

Diversity in HR as a strategic approach – providing benefits for the whole company

Career support for Women – by coaching, seminars, mentoring, job sharing, network-building

Awareness raising – for board members, executives & staff  to realize the business case

Leadership and Skills trainings to develop intercultural, gender & diversity competence  referring to your corporate culture & different mindsets

Gender-, Diversity and Inclusion -Analysis – including corporate communication

Positioning your company on new job markets   fighting the war for talent with you

Full service consulting  – from comprehensive analyses, programs, measures & projects to support of transfer &  implementation.


Consulting and support to improve Gender Equality in 20 Vienna based companies (more)

Career Support for Women by coaching, mentoring, workshops & seminars (more)

Creating highly transparent and fair Personal Development Centres for an International automotive company (more)

Gender awareness and competence for Topmanagers in the Car Industry (more)

Intercultural Competence for Sales Staff in a Vienna based International Bank Group (more)

Gender Mainstreaming in politics & public administration, research & teachings (more)

Attracting more Women to Computer Sciences & Engineering – preventing their drop-out at colleges & universities (more)

Your Wishes

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