gdi-consulting‘s 2013 panel: female managers in Austria on career ambitions - obstacles - quota
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Print & Online Media Articles covering gdi-panel 2013: Female Managers on their Career Ambitions – Restrictions – Compulsory Quota

Susanne Schwanzer

Below you find links to all online press articles in online media & newspapers referring to our 2013 survey among 150 female Austrian Managers.
The articles are in German. If you wish to read an English summary of the panel’s results, click here.


<Majority of women willing to make career – 3 main obstacles> Industriellenvereinigung online, Frauen führen, April-18-2013

<Women are lacking self confidence>  Salzburger Nachrichten Online, March-02-2013

<Employers, family duties and lack of self confidence hold women back from straight careers>  Finanzschau online, Feb-03-2013

<Driving with one food on brake> Clack Online, Feb-28-2013

<Compulsory quota okay – but no reason for hope>  Die Presse Online, Feb-25-2013

<Waiting for the career> Kleine Zeitung, Feb-22-2013

<Companies work as main career killers>  Die Standard Online, Feb-19-2013

<Companies work as career blockers>  Wiener Zeitung Online, Feb-02-2013