gdi-consulting‘s 2013 panel: female managers in Austria on career ambitions - obstacles - quota
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Case study: Gender Mainstreaming – Awareness raising, Know How-Transfer, Development & Implementation of Strategies & Projects.Workshops & Seminars, 2000-2007

Susanne Schwanzer

gdi-consultant,  Susanne Schwanzer, who also wrote the first Austrian “guideline Gender Mainstreaming” in 2000, conducted 100s of workshops supporting the development & implementation of the strategy of gender mainstreaming in AU, Germany and GB.


  • Awareness raising and framework
  • The strategy of GM – origin, approach, purpose, overall goals
  • Methods & tools e.g. 4-R-method, 6-step-method, spiral process
  • Gender budgeting
  • Good practice across the EU
  • Transfer: applying the knowledge & methods to develop specific action plans and measures – adjusted to the specific field of politics and expertise

Tasks & Challenges:

There has been much knowledge on gender equality in labour market politics (gender pay gap, segregation of typical “male” or “female” jobs etc.) Now the rather abstractstrategy of GM had to be introduced (“translated” ) into fields of politics and economy who – at first sight – did not seem to have to do anything with “gender”. E.g. How do you contribute to gender (un)equality, if you are planning new office parcs? What does gender have to do with private and public transport? Or with building of sport facilities? Or with donnating grants and awards to artists? Or with the budgets of ministeries and municipalities? It has!

Open Space 2000


During EU-period 2000-2007 the strategy of gender mainstreaming was introduced & executed top-down by EU bodies. Money which came from any of the EU-funds(mainly esf, EFRE, EAGFL or the LEADERprogram) to co-finance programs and projects at hand, was only granted, if program/project managers and all their stakeholders implemented the strategy of Gender Mainstreaming. Executives involved – from heads of ministeries to local mayors, experts, civil servants and project owners had to adress gender equality in their specific field of influence. This meant 1st of all to educate oneself on what GM means, what GM aims at, why GM is necessary, how GM can be put into practice and translated into acting step-by-step.

Sponsors and Participants – selected:

  • Executives and corporate staff from …

– different ministeries in Germany
– min. of economy and labour
– min. of health and social welfare
– min. for education & culture
– Amt der niederöster. Landesregierung
– the municipalities of Vienna, Graz & Salzburg

  • about 200 civil servants in the public administration of lower Austria
  • about 150 projekt-managers and stakeholders from EU-cofunded projects in the fields of regional development, integration into labour market, research & development, public transport, infrastructure, rural environment, sports & education
  • about 400 trainers in the field of further/adult education
  • about 50 deans, lectors and staff at universities & colleges