gdi-consulting‘s 2013 panel: female managers in Austria on career ambitions - obstacles - quota
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Case study: Consultancy & Organizational Development for more Diversity, Gender Equality & Reconcilability of Career & Parenthood in 20 Vienna based Companies, 2001-2003

Susanne Schwanzer

Participating companies e.g.: ABB, Eurest, ÖAMTC, NCR, ÖBB, One, Spardat, maxmobil, Denzel


  • Raise awareness for the business case & benefits of Gender & Diversity Management
  • Analyse the company’s current state
  • Consult to identify well-directed actions & measures
  • Support the companies while putting-into-practice selected projects e.g. by facilitating workshop moderations or board / staff trainings

Fields of action: Recruiting, Career Development, Payment, Office hours, Parental leave, Child Care, Education, Corparate Culture

Quelle: Fotolia

Quelle: Fotolia

Actions & measures taken by gdi-consultant Susanne Schwanzer:

  • Suggested and supported changes in Recruiting policies e.g. different job advertisement to attract certain / different groups
  • Analysed blind spots & gender biases in career assessments
  • Co-developped schemes for more flexible office hours
  • Co-developped more modular education & career paths tailored to different stages in life
  • Developped & piloted of Mentoring Programs
  • Introduced & supported Job sharing-Programs for chosen participants / “job sharing couples”
  • Conducted Workshops for Women in middle management to strengthen strengths and support career
  • Developped and introduced guidelines to support parents-to-be in an early stage and to reintegrate them during and after parental leave

Project Design: Each company that participated was entitled to use a maximum of 9 days of consultance, co-funded by the municipality of Vienna: either to e.g. conduct a panel on the as-is-state within their company. Or to conduct workshops to raise awareness among those executives in charge to address the issue as such. Or e.g. to develop and pilot tailored programs. Or e.g. to research and audit their assesments with regard to gender biases.
gdi-consultant Susanne Schwanzer, at that time working for IFA-business consultancy, was hired as gender-expert, project coordinator, consultant and trainer / workshop facilitator.