gdi-consulting‘s 2013 panel: female managers in Austria on career ambitions - obstacles - quota
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Susanne Schwanzer

May-6-2013: Keynote on integrating Diversity into Business Process Management in an Austrian Banking Group by tailored Diversity Trainings for the distribution and sales staff

As a part of the 3rd Viennese week of Integration the Viennese Chamber of Economy invited to its “Diversity day” on 6th of may 2013. Gabriele Strodl-Sollak opened the Best-Practice-Session, presenting a case study from Erste Bank Austria, which illustrated how Erste Bank put into practice the diversity management within its corporate business processes. gdi-consultant Gabriele Strodl-Sollak consulted and supported them – one main result: tailored diversity trainings for Erste Bank’s distribution and sales staff which Strodl-Sollak developped and conducted […]

Susanne Schwanzer

March-8-2013: Business Breakfast at sanovi-aventis – gdi-Consultant presents Results on Women’s Career Ambitions and Boundaries

On world women’s day, March, 8th, sanofi-aventis’ corporate communication team invited Susanne Schwanzer, MSc, co-founder of gdi-consulting, to presented the results from gdi’s panel on female managers – career ambitions – boundaries  in front of sanofi-aventis’ female management staff. And to discuss their career ambitions, together with supportive and restraining factors, in a frank atmosphere. The sanofi-aventis GesmbH has already proved to take the subject of work-family balance seriously and started to support parents by flexible part time work schemes. […]

Susanne Schwanzer

Nov-11-2011: Keynote and Discussion on Gender- and Diversitymanagement and how to put it into practice

Maria Schönauer, HR-Director Western Europe, Christian Havranek, Deloitte Human Capital presented examples of good practice from their companies. gdi-consultant Susanne Schwanzer invited them, together with Heike Mensi-Klarbach, researcher and lecturer at the Institute of Gender- & Diversitymanagement at the Vienna University of Economics. She opened with a keynote on gender pay gap and hard facts. The manager guests later illustrated their companies’ initiatives and results and discussed about appropriate benchmarks. newspaper article (in German)